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@Women.Travel is an inspiring community to encourage any woman into traveling fearlessly. Our mission is to create a world more connected with the sentiments of women travelers. Thousands of women travel around the world, some solo, some with her boyfriend, some with her dog and they pursue their dream to reveal the beauty of unexplored places. We help them to share their stories and inspire others into, not only traveling, but also into having freedom, being passionate, being audacious, following their dreams, loving, caring.

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CEREN BAYKAL is founded on December 2017 by Ceren Baykal and reached 50.000 followers just in a year by featuring hundreds of women. She was born in Turkey in 1991 and studied Public Relations. Her passion of traveling became a lifestyle when she met her husband, Sercan who is a true travel passionate as well.

They'd been living in Amsterdam since 3 years and have traveled over 25 countries so far. The couple will soon start their world tour and Ceren hopes to meet thousands of traveler women across the world and create a global community where she can help women as much as she can to encourage and inspire them by revealing their unexplored stories.

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